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How to create a user in the support portal

To access the Tero Marine support system please go to our Support Portal

Here you’ll be met with several tools. You can search for solutions, browse the knowledge base and read news about TM Master v2. At the top right you can “Start a conversation” which is the same as sending an email to, and you can “Sign in” to access your personal support area.

To access the personal support area please click “Sign in”. If you have previously sent one or more emails to then an account has already been created for you and you can click “Get your password” and enter the email address you sent the email from to receive the login credentials for that account.

If you don’t have an account yet you can register one by clicking “Need an account? Sign up.” at the bottom of the sign in page. When registering your account, please use the email address that you intend to use to contact Tero Marine support.

Once logged in, you will have an overview of all the conversations (AKA cases) that pertains to you. Please see How to Access the Conversation Overview for more information.


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