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How to identify the database version

A typical TM Master V2 version number looks like this:


If we break it down, the different number sequences have the following significance:


This is the main version number (hence TM Master V2). If the main version of two installations differ, then their databases are not compatible. To upgrade requires a manual conversion of the database. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in having this done.


This is the database version number. To upgrade from one database version to another (for example from 647 to 652), an automated upgrade of the database is required. Different database versions are not forward compatible for replication, so it is not possible to replicate data between an office and a vessel that have different database version numbers. This means that to perform a successful database upgrade, the entire fleet needs to be upgraded in one operation.


This is the internal TM Master version number which does not generally affect the structure of the database. To upgrade from one internal version to another does not require a database upgrade.

Different internal versions are compatible for replication, so it is possible to replicate data between an office and a vessel that has different internal versions as long as the main and database version numbers are the same.

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