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Implementor function for Moving Component Job History

Within the TMMaster V2 system, there is a built in function for moving component job history from one component to another.  This should not be confused with the ‘Move Jobs’ function.

The Move history function will move either all or selected history records from one component to another.

This function was created in addition to the ‘Move jobs’ function to take account of history records which are either not connected to a job in any way (such as ‘ONE’ records and ‘SRV’ records) or were connected to a job that has since been deleted from the component.  In both these cases, it is not possible to move the history from the component using the ‘Move Jobs’ function.

For this function to be available, the user must have the implementor user right.

This function is only available from the component detail view

  • Select Inventory -> Components
  • Find and double click the component that you want to move the job history from
  • Select the ‘Job History’ tab
  • If you only want to move some of the records, mark the appropriate records in the grid.  If you want to move all the records proceed to step 5.
  • Select the ‘Edit’ menu at the top left of the Component details window.
  • Select ‘Move Job History’
  • A new window will open showing the component structure, find and select the component you want to move the job history to. Click OK
  • Choose either ‘All history’ or ‘Only Selected history’ as appropriate.

    The job history will now have been moved to the selected component.

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