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Implementor function for editing in the grid, Components & Alarms

Within the TM Master V2 system, there is a built in function for editing component data directly in the grid.  This function is only available in the ‘Component List view’.

This function enables the user to edit the data associated with a component without the need to open the details view for each component one at a time.  This is very useful when entering small amounts of data on many components (such as entering serial numbers after collecting as many as possible from a new build vessel) and is especially powerful when used in combination with the filtering and sorting possibilities.  The changes made to a component are automatically saved as soon as the user selects a different line in the grid.

For this function to be available, the user must have the implementor user right. 

This function is only available from the ‘List’ tab of the component overview grids

  • Select Inventory -> Components
  • Find and click the pencil button on the toolbar at the top of the view (this button is only visible if the user is an implementor)

  • Click on the cell which contains the data you want to edit
  • Change the data as required
  • When you are finished editing everything that you want to edit, click the pencil button again (this turns the edit in grid function off), or click on another line (both will save the changes)

Note: Not all the columns in the Component list view allow direct editing in this manner.  It depends on the type of data (normal text, reference to data in another grid, codes….)

Copying Function

There is also a copying function within the grid allowing the user to copy the contents of one cell to as many others as he wishes within the same column of the grid.

While Edit in grid is enabled

  • Select the cell you want to copy (so that the text within is highlighted in blue)
  • Move the mouse pointer to a position slightly outside of the selected cell (so that it becomes a normal pointer)

 Right click and select Edit -> Copy cell value

  • Mark the lines in the grid that you want to copy the data to (using a combination of mouse and keyboard shortcuts to select as many as you want)
  • Right click again and select Edit à Paste cell value
  • You will then be asked if you want to copy the selected data to the selected lines in the chosen column.  Click yes.

The data will now be copied to all the selected lines within that column. 

WARNING:  This could potentially erase a lot of data, so please be careful using this function.

Note:  This function works in all columns, including those that are not editable in the grid (Supplier Name is not editable, however it can be deleted from a component using edit in grid).  In the circumstance where the user wishes to select the same supplier for many components, it is only necessary to select for one component in the conventional way and then use the copying function in the grid to copy this supplier to as many components as needed.

Alarm List Editing.

The Edit in grid function has recently been added to the alarm list view, so it is now possible to edit alarms in exactly the same fashion.

Follow exactly the same procedure as detailed above, but obviously in the Inventory à Alarm System  module.

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