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How to delete/scrap a component

First of all, you need to check if the component has any job history (Open the component and check the "job history" tab)

If the component does not have any job history, you can remove it from TM Master v2 by simply right-clicking on it, and select "Delete".

If the component has job history, you are not allowed to delete it and you should use the "Scrap" function instead.

When you scrap a component you will be asked if you want to keep a replacement (copy). This is useful if you are replacing an old component with a new one. If you choose to keep a replacement, a new component will be created with the same name, code, spareparts, jobs etc.

Procedure for scrapping a component:

* Right-click on the component and choose "Scrap component"

* Enter a reason for why you are scrapping the component

* If you want to keep a komponent copy (replacement), select the check box for that.

* Click "OK" and refresh the component list

The component has now been moved to the "Scrapped components" tab.

If you make a mistake, for instance if you scrap the wrong component, you can "re-instate" it from the scrapped components tab.

(Right-click -> Re-instate component)

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