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How to use the heartbeat functionality

The heartbeat functionality in TM Master v2 helps you keep track of when the office last received replication data from the replicating units in your fleet. This is a vital tool for administrators tasked with overseeing and troubleshooting the replication of data from units to the office.

It works by having each replicating unit send an extremely small file with a timestamp to the office each replication interval. Once received on the office side the timestamp is entered into the database and can be viewed in the "Last heartbeat" column under [Fleet -> Units].

For an explanation of the heartbeat symbols please see

The heartbeat functionality can be customized for each individual unit, and it's possible to set up automated notifications of replication downtime. To access these settings please go to [Fleet -> Units], double click the unit you want to set up and go to the "Heartbeat" tab.

Please see a description of the different fields below:

  • Enable heartbeat
    • Tick this box to enable the heartbeat functionality for the opened unit
  • Last service loop
    • The timestamp of the last registered replication data coming from the unit
  • Edit settings
    • Must be ticked in order to edit settings below
  • Replication interval (1-7199 minutes)
    • Allows you to change the replication interval for the unit (first field is days, second field is hours, third field is minutes)
  • Send missing heartbeat mail (1-7199 minutes)
    • After how long should a notification of missing heartbeat be sent (first field is days, second field is hours, third field is minutes)
  • Resend missing heartbeat mail after (days)
    • If no heartbeats are received after the initial notification, how long should it take before the notification email is resent
  • Last missing heartbeat warning sent
    • Timestamp of when the last missing heartbeat notification was sent
  • Internal and e-mail (if smtp is correctly set) recipients for missing heatbeats
    • Use the "Add recipient" and "Remove recipient" to administer which users should receive missing heartbeat notifications
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