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How to access the report template editor


To edit report templates go to [Administration -> Reports] and double click the report template you want to edit. Once changes to the template are saved they immediately become active for all users connected to that database.

Please note that we recommend that you back up your report templates before editing them. This can be done by backing up the report template file found in the [System File Path\Reports] folder.


For distribution of the changes to different units the method depends on the report template file type. Please note that TM Master v2 does not replicate changes made to report templates, so these must be distributed manually.

  • If the report template is of the ".rpx" file type you click "File -> Save" in the report template editor to save your changes, and then navigate to [System File Path\Reports], find the file you edited, and distribute it to the unit(s), where the file needs to be placed in the same folder. We recommend that you back up any original report templates before overwriting them.

  • If the report template is of the ".repx" file type you click "Save", then "Export V2Reports" in the report template editor, save the file, distribute it to the unit(s), and perform a custom report template import on the unit(s) as described here:

For information on how to find your "System File Path" please see the following resource:

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