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The database Cleaning Tools for TM Master V2

There are currently 7 different database cleaning tools in the TMMaster V2 system.  All of the tools have a similar function in that they allow the user to choose which common shared data is to be approved and used (in TM Master v2 terms known as "validated") as well as a number of functions to assist in the cleaning and synchronization of the unapproved common data (such as auto synchronization).  Utilising the database cleaning tools results in a much more tidy, efficient and easy to use system for the entire fleet.  We use the term “synchronise” to mean the action where an unapproved entity is replaced with an approved entity.

We strongly recommend to all our customers that any persons who will be responsible for using the database cleaning tools should attend a Database Cleaning Course held by Tero Marine AS.  This is due to the potential damage that can be caused to the data in the database if the tools are used improperly or without any knowledge of the processes involved.

If you are interested in acquiring the cleaning tools then please contact your key account manager for more information.

The 7 current tools are detailed below

Company Cleaning

This allows the user to review and approve company records in the common address register and clean/synchronise duplicates and unwanted addresses.  This also has an effect on a limited number of different modules within the TM Master V2 system such as Components and Spare Parts (where registered suppliers are replaced, based on the users actions within the Company Cleaning Module).

Job Cleaning

This allows the user to review and approve standard job records in a similar way to company cleaning.  It is however also possible to manipulate connections between components and standard jobs on an individual or multiple basis where required.  This primarily influences only the Maintenance modules, effectively streamlining the common list of standard job descriptions and connecting all components within the fleet to the approved descriptions.

Alarm Job Cleaning

This tool is essentially identical to the Job Cleaning tool, except of course it is utilised for cleaning Alarm Standard jobs.  This only affects the Alarm Maintenance modules.

Code Cleaning

This tool allows the user to review and approve from any of the common code tables as well as enabling the user to clean/synchronise unwanted codes.  The common code tables are utilised throughout the V2 system in the form of drop down boxes, limiting the available choices for specific fields.  By standardising and cleaning the code tables, a much greater efficiency is achieved when analysing the related data within the database.  This tool can affect the entire database.

Spare Part and Catalog Cleaning

These tools allow the user to standardise the common spare part and catalog registers for the entire fleet, allowing a much greater control over fleet stock levels.  Within these tools, there is also the possibility to apply a fleet-wide unique item number as well as a few other tools to improve the quality of the data related to spare parts and catalogs.

Location Cleaning

(Please note that this tool is for the unit locations and not the stock locations.)

In the latest version of TM Master V2 there is a ‘Master’ location structure for each vessel encompassing all the previous independent location structures that existed in previous versions.  Built into this new location structure is a cleaning tool allowing the user to tidy the structure and all relevant connections.  This is the only cleaning tool in the TM Master V2 system that is usable both at the vessel installation and at the office installation.

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