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How to use the TM Stock App

Before starting to use the app, you will need to have it installed and set up. How to install and set up the app? Click here for a description

TM Stock APP: Login

Start the app and use your existing TM Master user name and password to log in to the app.

The app will start to synchronize the data between the database and the app.

The data that is synchronized is:

  • All items in stock
    • Spare parts
    • Catalog/Consumable items
  • All stock locations
  • All orders with status:
    • "On Order" to "Completely Received"

TM Stock APP: Main menu functions


Stock withdraw function. When withdrawing stock, you can either manually input the name of the item you want to withdraw or you can scan the QR code.

When scanning, the camera on the device is activated and the app will automatically detect the QR code. It will then retrieve and display the item details.

To make changes, enter quantity to withdraw. You can also add a comment to the stock history before you commit the withdrawal.

Stock Count

Used for adjusting the current quantity of items.

You can either manually input the item or location name or you can scan the item QR code or location QR code.

When scanning an item code, the function is similar to when withdrawing stock. You scan the item and the item details will show in the app and you can adjust the quantity.

When scanning a location QR code, all items in that location will be listed in the app. You can then:

  • Select or search for a specific item. 
  • Adjust quantity if required
  • Update your count

You can then select  different item in the list until all items have been counted.

Add To Order

Used for ordering items. You can either manually input the item or location name or you can scan the item QR code.

When you have the item that you need to order, you can select the quantity you need to order and then click add to add it to the draft.

Receive Order

Search and select the order you want to receive.

All order lines will be listed. Select the order line you have received and adjust quantity if required.

Click the [Receive] button to receive the order line.

You can also receive all order lines at once using the "Receive all order lines" button.

Search For Item

Allows users to search for spare parts. You can search on multiple details and there is the option of excluding and including fields in your search.


This will transfer updated stock and order details back to the TM Master database.

Synchronized data will be kept in an "import buffer" until users confirm to sync the updated to the TM Master database.

Import Interface

All received updated will be listed here and grouped on action:

  • Withdraw
  • Stock count
  • Add to order
  • Receive order

You will have the option of editing the import details in this interface. When importing stock withdraw actions, you have the possibility of linking the withdrawals to a job. This will show in the stock history.

When importing the Add to order-actions you have the option of either creating a new draft for the items or adding them to an existing draft.

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