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How to install and set up the TM Stock App and TM Stock Taking Service

System requirements


• Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2

• .NET Framework 4.0 extended

• .NET 4.5 recommend


• Meet operating system requirements

• RAM: Minimum 4 GB. Recommended: 8 GB+

• In addition, free disk space as follows:

• Free disk space: 15 MB

You will also need a local Wifi network. Your mobile device will have to be connected to the same network as the SQL database, and since mobile devices operate through a Wifi instead of a cabled network, this is a requirement.

(Note that the app is not available on Google Play Store. You will need to send a request to our support desk to send you the installation files and run a manual installation of the app)

Installation of Service 

1. Run TM Stock Taking Service.msi and follow the instructions.

2. Set up a connection with TMMaster v2 database.

            • Select or enter SQL Server Name

            • Enter TMMaster v2 database name

            • Select SQL Server authentication mode with properly rights. 

               Imporant! Selected user must have ‘db_owner’ rights for selected database.

Press ‘Test’ button to check the connection availability.

Please note:

“Connection succeeded” message doesn’t guarantee that selected SQL Server authentication way has all properly rights. It checks availability of connection only.

Set up service logon credentials.
Leave it as reccomended if there are no any specific demands to installation of services.

Finish the installation.

Check the service availability

To check if the service successfully installed and works you need to:
           • Find the server’s IP-address or whatever (i.e. ipconfig in cmd.exe)
           • Keep in mind “Port” value you set at step 6 of service installation.
           • Open browser and write the following address in browser’s address bar:

              If everything correct you will see an response message from service in browser.

Setting up TMMaster

QR code labels

Users of the mobile app can rapidly fast find a specific item in stock if they scan QR code label. QR code labels for items in stock and stock locations can be created in TMMaster v2.
How to print QR code labels: 

1. Import a special QR code labels report (StockLabelPrintReport.v2Reports (attached to this article. Unzip the attached file and then import the unzipped .v2reports file)) in TMMaster v2.
2. Open “Inventory -> Stock” in TMMaster v2.
3. Select any locations or items in location
4. Right-click on selected items and choose “Print QR code labels” in context menu.

5. In appeared label printing form you can set label printing settings as count of labels for each location/item etc.

Selected printer and label report will be saved in settings after printing.

Printed QR code label example:

Set up Service address

Connection settings for mobile app can be set via scanning of QR code.
1. In TMMaster v2 go to “System -> Import and export” page and select “Mobile” tab there.

2. In “Service address” field enter service address. 

Important! Server address should be the same as in p.1.6. “Service Address” should be set by following mask: SERVER_ADDRESS:PORT/api/ Example of valid service address:
3. Click “Save” button on top left corner of TMMaster v2.

“App import” interface

Changes with stock or orders which were made in mobile app won’t be applied to TMMaster database without approving them.

Open “Inventory -> App Import” section in TMMaster v2 and you will see an interface where changes from the mobile app can be applied to TMMaster. Before import they can be changed or removed at all.

Service Address QR code

In this “App import” interface users can generate QR-code with an service address for the mobile app. Click on button “Show Server Address” on the form’s toolbar will show a form with QR-code.

Mobile App

System requirements:
• Android 4.1.2 – or later version
• Free storage space: - Application: 30 Mb - Additional storage: at least 10 Mb. Total: at least 40 Mb.
Currently we don’t provide Google Play and AppStore, so you need to manually install app. Copy and run TM Stock App.apk on your android phone.
Connection to service:
Scan QR code with Service Address generated in “App import” interface and login by TMMaster’s password.


• Error “Please check server address and network connection” on the mobile app.
1. Check if the Internet connection is enabled on your smartphone and try again.
2. Check if service is running (p.1.6)
3. Check if service is reachable (p.1.6) from another PC/device in the same network. You can just open browser on any other PC and check it there.
4. Check version of TMMaster and Mobile service. Minor versions should be the same.
5. If steps 1-2 are OK, but step 3 isn’t than it’s a problem with windows firewall. There are two workarounds:
a) Open port for all programs, not only for specific:
- Go to Windows Firewall Advanced Settings
- In “Inbound Rules” section find “TM Stock Taking Service TCP” rule and open it
- On “Programs and Services” tab select “All programs that meet the specified conditions” option b) Disable windows firewall on server (Not recommended)

• Error “Invalid username or password” on the mobile app.
1. Check your login and password. They should be the same as for TMMaster v2.
2. If you sure entered username and password are correct: - Check if SQL Server authentication mode has correct rights: selected SQL Server user must have ‘db_owner’ rights on selected database. - Try to use SA user instead integrated auth mode.

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