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Switching from .EXE files to .MSI files (Fleet installer)

Tero Marine has changed how they build new patches and releases for TM Master v2.

This is a part of our new feature that makes it possible for users to administrate upgrades from their office installation. This feature is called “Fleet Installer” and will help customers perform upgrades across their entire fleet from the office.

Office users will be able to go to System -> Import and export -> V2Update -> Hotfixes. When they click on the refresh field, TM will access our hotfix server and look for any new hotfixes available.

The big advantage with this solution is that the hotfix files that we release will only contain changes compared to the base file the customer has already installed. This means that the files that customers download and distribute to all vessels with this tool, will be a fraction in size compared to the old SetupUpgrade files. In most cases we are talking about a couple of hundred kilobytes.

These files can be distributed to all vessels in the fleet through replication files. The crew on the ships will then be prompted to upgrade upon receiving the files. This does require that the end users have installation rights on their computers. If they don’t, IT-Admins will still have to run the upgrade files like before.

Due to this new function, releases are built using MSI build and the files now have the extension .msi. Hotfixes will still have .exe extension.

To be able to use this new feature, installations need version: 2.659.7003.xxxxx or newer.

Please note that the first time you use the MSI files, your previous version of TM Master will automatically be uninstalled, before the installation continues to install the new version.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.


We have however discovered a problem in the transition from old .exe file to the new .msi file

This will cause older versions  to NOT detect the new .msi upgrade files, placed in [System file path]\Setup, as a new update when TM Master starts up.

In the version 2.659.7003 (2019.03.05) and higher we have updated the TM Master start-up routine to also detect the new “.msi” files as updates.

If a client want to update from a lower version than (2.659.7003.XXXXX) to a version available only in the new format (.msi) they will need to:

  1. Download a “SetupUpgrade” .exe file from 2019.03.05 or later and place it in the [System file path]\Setup folder.
  2. Download the new “TMMasterInstaller” .msi file and place it in the same [System file path]\Setup folder.

When TM Master v2 starts it will detect the “SetupUpgrade” (.exe) file and install it.

When TM Master v2 is started after the upgrade it will detect the “TMMasterInstaller” (.msi) file and install it.

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