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OutOfMemoryException is caused by the application running out of memory.

TM Master v2 is a 32 bit Windows .Net application. Windows .Net Applications can utilize a maximum of 1.4 GB of data.

Even if you have 8 mb memory on your machine, the limit for a 32 bit application will always be 1.4 GB.

We see that some of the operations performed at the office databases put themselves in this position.

TM Master v2 "remembers" the previously retrieved data lists (grid) when switching modules etc. You as a user experiences this by not having to have to wait for a job or history list to open the second time you’re opening it.

This is a good functionality, but when the amount of data is sufficiently large and you have loaded data into e.g Fleet history, Due, Spares and components, the memory “fill up” quite fast. When there is no more room (1.4 GB is reached) you get an "Out Of Memory Exception" error.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest TM Master V2 version where several improvements been made regarding this issue.

To solve the problem now, restart TM Master v2.

The programs memory application is cleared when you restart the program.

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