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Common (Global) data in TM Master v2

The above picture shows all the different data that is considered to be common data in TM Master v2.

By common data, we mean data which is shared by all units within the fleet.

Some of the common data is controlled by something called validation which determines whether that piece of common data will replicate out to all units from the office.

Those that are not controlled by validation are automatically replicated out to all units.

So why would you sometime need to validate data?

For instance, if one ship creates a new standard job, the standard job will then replicate to the office as a new un-validated standard job.

The office can then decide what to do with this job. They can validate it to replicate the job to all other ships in their fleet. Or they can clean the job against one of the existing jobs should they deem it to be a duplicate.

The third option is to just let the job stay un-validated. This is an option if the job is very specific for one ship.

How validation works:

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