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Using Gmail with TM Exchange

Tero Marine does not support Gmail for use with TM Exchange.

The reason being that there are settings within Gmail that may make it difficult to use in connection with TM Exchange.  Tero Marine are often tasked with troubleshooting and figuring out which settings to change. This has proven to be a time-consuming process in the past and is something we wish to avoid in the future.

Gmail has strict policies of not letting unknown entities access its accounts (such as TM Exchange). This might create problems when TM Exchange tries to either download mail from a POP3 Gmail account, or send mail using a SMTP Gmail account.

Gmail also has the possibility to use a strict two-step verification process to log on to the account. When this is turned on, TM Exchange has no way of being able to log on to the account.

In addition to this, there are a number of Gmail settings that need to be configured in order for TM Exchange to work with Gmail. (Enable POP, delete Gmail’s email copies from the POP server, etc.)

Lastly, using a 3rd party email provider where you have little or no control of changes made to your mail account is not recommended.  This is due to the possibility that those changes could, at any time, cause TM Exchange to stop working.

Customers can still use Gmail in the TM Exchange replication settings, but should there be complications, Tero Marine cannot be held responsible for loss of communication caused by these issues.

Thank you for your understanding.

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