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TM Exchange Settings

There are mainly five TM Exchange settings that can affect how TM Master V2 handles the replication between TM Master V2 installations in a fleet system (Office ↔ Ships).

This document takes a closer look on each of these five settings, the relationship between the settings and the current default values.

1.  Interval

This interval decides how often TM Exchange should send and receive replication files. When setting the TM Exchange interval, it is important to consider the TM Master V2 service. The TM Master V2 service creates the replication files and if too many files are created before they are sent, this may in some instances create a problem.

Default value: 10 minutes


2.  Max file size

All replication files that are created are compressed and packed into zip files before they are being sent. If the collected size of unsent replication files is bigger than the max file size, TM Exchange will create an archive containing split files, each file no bigger than this value.

 Default value: 1024 KB

 *Tip: When setting this value in the office, you should consider the quality of the connection / bandwidth on the ship with the lowest quality in your fleet. If the quality is good, this value can be adjusted upwards.

3. Timeout

Sets the value that specifies the amount of time available for TM Exchange to send each compressed replication file.

 Default value: 100 seconds.

 *Tip: If TM Exchange has a problem sending files and you receive a time out error, you can try adjusting this value upwards.

4. Max messages to download

When TM Exchange is retrieving files from the mail account, it will only download a certain number of files based on this value. The reason for this is to prevent an overload on the connection if the mail account contains an above normal number of files. This can happen, for example, if a ship has been off line for a certain period and the files mount up before the ship is able to retrieve them. 

 Default value: 300 files.

5. Log cleaning limit

TM Exchange creates one log file per day. These files are stored locally on the server and TM Exchange will delete all files older than the number of days specified in this field.

Default value: 10 Days (TM Exchange will keep the log for the last 10 days). 

Location in TM Master V2: System – TM Exchange Client - Settings 

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