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How to resend orders to Kuehne + Nagel

The Kuehne + Nagel integration is used by some customers and in some cases where a client is on older versions of TM Master v2, they can experience that orders don't come over to Kuehne + Nagel with all the order lines and information that should come over. 

A user with the User Right for using the "Force status change" function can resend the order to Kuehne + Nagel by following this procedure: 

  1.  Remove the "Sent to DSV" checkbox located on the order lines tab and the lower left corner of the order

  2. Press "Save and close"
  3. Go back to the order force status back to Supplier Selected
  4. Press "Save and close"
  5. Open the order again and use the button below to change the status back to "On order"
  6. This will then send the order again to Kuehne + Nagel
  7. You can look at the History tab to see that everything went as expected. 

This was an issue with orders that was copied from already finished orders in versions built before November 2017. 

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