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How to limit file size in TM Master?

You can limit the maximum replication file size for documents added to TM Master on a per unit basis by going to [Unit (Ship) -> Details -> Settings -> Max size replicated files]:

This setting only affects replication, so users can still attach documents larger than the limit. However, documents that exceed the limit will not be replicated to the other side. The user will be informed with the below message:

Documents exceeding the limit can be manually "force replicated" on a per document basis with the requisite user rights. Simply right click the added document and select "Force replication":

There is no general answer as to how big this limit should be. It all depends on the bandwidth of the installation on this unit. Some units should have a limit of 100 KB and some have no problems with a 5 MB limit. Consult your IT department for assistance in setting this limit.

For advanced users:

It is also possible to limit the size of replication files sent by the email servers.

Under System -> TM Exchange client -> Settings -> Max filesize:

This settings is activated when you have replication files over the set limit in the COMM folder.

Let's say you have a limit of 1 MB, but in the COMM folder, there's a replication file that's 10 MB's big. This setting will then cause TM Exchange to split the file in to 10 split files, each one 1 MB in size, before sending them to their destination.

Upon arrival, TM Exchange on the other side will reassemble the split files in to one replication file of 10 MB's.

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