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How to Generate NCRs from Overdue Critical Jobs

It is possible for TMv2 to automatically generate a non-conformance report (NCR) if a critical job becomes overdue by a certain period.

NOTE: The NCRs will only be generated from a vessel installation (to avoid both sides triggering generation) and therefore this feature requires a replicating system.

The following criteria must be met:

- 'System > Settings > General Settings > Do NCR Calculations' must be ticked at each of the vessel installations.

- The v2 service must be running. Each time the service loops, it will check for any new overdue critical jobs and create NCRs.

- The critical jobs must have a critical category code set. If you go to 'Administration > Codes > Critical Category', you can give each code a 'Non-Deviation Period'. This is the amount of days that the job is allowed to go overdue before an NCR is created.

If all of the above requriments have been satisfied, each time the service loops at the vessel it will check for any critical jobs that are overdue by more than their non-deviation period as defined by their critical category code. Any jobs meeting this criteria will trigger a new NCR to be created. This will be replicated back to the office

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