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How to set up the Document Handling module to use SQL Filestream

First you need to make sure that your SQL Server is version 2012 or later.

  1. Properties in SQL Configuration manager and enable Filestream

  1. Create an empty database on the SQL Server:

3. Go to System -> Settings -> Documents in TM (you need to make sure that your TM license key includes the Document Handling module) and tick on the "Use SQL Server Filesystem" checkbox. Choose the newly created SQL database.

4.  Select where the SQL Server will store the files. Please note: This must be a local folder on the computer where the SQL Server is installed, and it must already exist. it can't be created from TM.

5. Press "copy files"  top copy the files from the system file path to the SQL server (this will take a while if there are many files to be copied)

When finished, you will need to create the Document Handling user rights. This is done in the same TM window using the below buttons.

First, click the "Create Default Access Groups" to create the groups. Then click the "Assign Default Rights For All Files" to assign the default user rights for the groups.

The groups will then be available under Administration -> User groups and TM users can be made members of these groups.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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