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Unit group access control

In the 2.655 version and later, there is a new function called "Unit group access control". This setting can be turned on with the following checkbox under System -> Settings -> General:

Please note that to be able to do this, you need to have a license for the following module:

If you do not have this module, contact your Key Account Manager at Tero Marine. 

This function gives users the possibility of restricting access for specific users to a specific unit group. The unit group can contain one or several vessels. This is something an admin can select in the unit group window.

When the "Unit group access control" function is activated, the user tab in the unit group windows as activated:

Using this tab, you can add users to specific unit groups. When a user has been added to a unit group, they will only be able to see the units within this unit group and be restricted from seeing other units.

This means that if a user has not been added to any unit groups, they will be able to see all units.

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