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Import large number of order lines from Excel in to a new draft in TM Master

It is possible to import a large number of order lines from our Excel template document directly in to your TM Master database, saving you time and effort by not needing to create each order line manually in TM.

To do this, you have to download our Excel template which is attached to this article and follow the below instructions on how to fill it out and import it in to TM Master.

How it works:

In order to use it fill in at least the correct “Unit Code” / “Ship Code” (where it says “FJOR” by default).

Then add your items, and set the “line no”

When done with all items, save and close the excel sheet to your desktop or any other folder.

Then drag and drop the excel sheet into the middle part of the [Purchasing] module. This will create your order with Free text lines and the line numbers you added.


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