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How to copy Components, Component Jobs and Spare Parts

To make populating data easier you can 'copy and paste' components, jobs and spare parts both within the same unit or between different units.

In Inventory > Components, you can right click on a component in the structure view and click 'Copy Component'.  In the same unit or a different one, you can then right click in the grid and paste either just the individual component you selected or that component and all of its sub-components. This will create new components in the selected location with the same specification, jobs and connected spare parts as the original. This is particularly useful if you have multiple identical components to create.

When you right click on a component, you can also choose to copy only the jobs or spare part connections and then paste these into an existing component. This could be useful if the components are not the same but they have exact same jobs.

When jobs are copied and pasted, a brand new component job is created with a due date/hours of the current date/hours + interval. If you wish to create the jobs with the same due date as the original, then you must click the 'Paste Jobs with Due' option.

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