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How to set up Automatic Running Hours

If you have the Automatic Running Hours module as part of your license, you can integrate TMv2 with your existing running hours software so that the component running hours in TMv2 are updated with the data from the external system.

Firstly, all components that are to running hours this way must have the 'Automatic update tag' box ticked in the Component > Running Hours tab. You must then enter the tag or identifier of the component from the external system.

Also, in System > Settings > General > Running Hours, you must set the type of running hours system that is being used e.g. Kongsberg, ABB, Mimic. You must then enter the network path of the folder where the external system keeps the running hour export files.  This should be shared so that all users can access it and perform the running hours import.

If the running hour export file has a name different to the default one shown, you can enter this in the filename field.

Once all of the above is completed, you can perform a running hour import by going to the Inventory > Running hours module and clicking the 'Import Running Hours' button.  

You can download the attached PDF file if you want to see the different formats for the different systems.


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