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How to create new users

Creation of users can only be done by users that have the required user rights.

Go to Administration -> Users

Please note that this will display the user list for the entire fleet, so there might be users on this list that do not belong to your vessel.

To create a new user, click the New button in the upper left corner. The "User login" field is the username of the user.

The "Default unit" fields is purely informational and can be used to filter/group by in the users grid to see number of users for each unit.

By default the password will be the same as the user login. So to have the user choose his or her own password, tick the box "Must change password next login".

The implementor check box gives the user implementation rights in the system. See article about the implementor user for more information.

It is also possible to connect users to crew members using this button:

The idea behind this is that the user is now connected to a crew member which has a crew type. That in turn means the TM Master v2 now knows the crew type of the logged in user.

This is useful when using the handover module where handovers are shared with specific crew types, the work permit module where specific crew types need to approve permits and when using the HSEQ modules. Here you can assign actions to specific crew types.

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