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Component Code Philosophy

A component code should have three purposes

  • It should be a unique identifier for the component within a unit’s technical structure.
  • It should indicate which level of the technical structure (Hierachy) the component belongs to. Example 601.01 belongs to the second level of a structure, 601.01.01 belongs to the third level of a structure.
  • It should indicate which part of the technical structure the component belongs to (which group and/or which sub-group).  Example 601.01.01.01 indicates that this component is something to do with equipment which belongs to the 601 group (Diesel Engines) and the 601.01 sub-group which is Main Engines, complete.

In addition to this, for the purposes of consistency and conformity

  • Component codes should follow a logical progression in line with the technical structure – all child component codes should start with the parent code. (601.01.01 is a child of 601.01)
  • The number of digits representing each level of structure within the component codes should be consistent throughout the entire technical structure. (for example, if the top level of the structure is to be represented by 3 digits and the second is to be represented by 2 digits (601.01), then this should be followed throughout and not mixed with some situations where 3 & 3 are used (722.002)).

It is not recommended to use the component code for indicating any other property of the components than those stated here.  There are usually better suited fields available within the program which can be utilised.

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