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Description of work permit

In the TM Master system there are two different work permit formats, Electronic and Manual.

Electronic:  Update: Can be both a template file or a normal Word/Excel file and you can use any design you wish.

Manual:  This format is designed to accommodate any existing work permit system that the user’s company is currently using, either paper based or an electronic printable file such as a word document or a pdf file.


The first stage is to set up the appropriate files (if available) in the central list as work permits and to give them names.

You may then (if you have the appropriate user right) commence adding work permits to any component job (maintenance routine) you wish, and you may add as many to each individual component job as you wish.

When adding a work permit to a component job, you are required to define which crew types are allowed to approve that particular permit for that specific component job.  Only users that have a crew record attached with the appropriate crew type will be allowed to approve that work permit when it is applied for.

The Work permit will now be set up for that specific Component job.  Users will then not be able to go to the out-signing window (job done) until all attached work permits are approved.

When applying for a work permit, the user is presented with a window where they can specify the duration of the work permit and fill in the appropriate fields on the added template (electronic) or attach the scanned document (manual).

As soon as the desired changes are made, the permit is saved and the status is changed to Permit pending.  Even if the applying user has the correct crew type, they cannot approve a permit that they have applied for – there must always be two users involved in the process.

When another user with the correct crew type logs in to the system, they can see immediately in their own personal overview (My place module), that there are work permits awaiting approval.  The user can then open the work permit and check that everything is in order before approving.  If they are not satisfied then they can reject the permit, resulting in it being necessary to apply for the permit again.

In the case of an electronic formatted permit, the user will not have a hard copy of the permit, so we have the possibility to print a report which shows all important details.  This printed report can then be shown at the location where the job is being carried out.

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